The Plan

Everything starts with a good plan. Say it right, and The Plan can sound like it’s already in the bag. It isn’t, but you might just fool some. So. Today, here, you and me, we’re gonna unveil The Plan. No. Wait. That wasn’t right, let’s try it again. Here’s…The Plan: Review things.

…that might need some more qualification.

The Plan: Review things, most probably, but not limited to, computer games. Board games, books, films, the graffiti on the bus stop, and whatever else catches my damn fancy. These reviews will aim to be reasonably in depth, not simply saying ‘good’ or ‘bad’, but trying to identify why good or bad. Most reviews will be split into four main sections; a tag section, giving a snapshot of what and who it might appeal to. a tl:dr for people who can’t be arsed to do any real reading, or more charitably, don’t have the time. A fuller review, probably with subsections. And a final scoring-but-not-really section to sum up various elements of whatever has been looked at.

This might not happen. It might happen once. It might even happen twice. We’ll see. But for now, let’s commence…The Plan


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