The Plan…gets updated.

So, the three of you who saw this site back in the hazy times of…last year sometime will recall there was a plan. More of a Plan really. If Terry Pratchett taught us anything, it’s the importance of good mid-sentence capital lettering. This plan (or Plan, yes) is still technically alive. In much the same way as my promised next review is. Unfortunately a fair number of things have been playing havoc with this plan including (but not limited to): moving house, a new job, losing said job, my desire to please my own cripplingly high standards, other reviews (Watch The Skies 2, lookin’ at you), among other things.

So my next review is, and has always planned to be Fez. Not a new release, but that’s fine, it’s a game that merits some talking about. The main problem is that one of the main talking points I want to highlight is the music. And game music is a whole war-sun sized monster of a topic that I also want to talk about. So it goes.

Mixed up with this is my desire to share some of my oh-so potent opinions, of which I have many. I batted around the idea of having a separate blog site for those, but since I can barely run one at the moment, that seems like crazy talk.

As a result, depending on how things pan out online and off, this site may be going through some changes – like puberty, but on the internet. Eurgh. These changes may or may not include things like layout, intended content and…well anything else really. So be prepared for the possibility of non-game related posts. Or story posts. Or supremely personal rants. Or…well again, anything else really.


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