writewrongreviews gets a podcast (and other news).

We’ve stuck our collective feet into the waters of podcasting. As yet, no audio-sharks have struck. Two episodes have come out so far. Check ’em below:

Episode one is concerning Watch The Skies (again).

Episode two takes a sideroad and talks about Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, Daredevil, and why they are important.

Meanwhile, Caroline is working on an article concerning DEATH (…in current fiction), and Laurence is working on a FEZ review (still), an Evolve review and multiple articles of a more personal nature. He wouldn’t say more than that, claiming he needed to maintain his ‘artist’s mystique’.

Site-wise, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that the site may be misnamed. Good job it’s a free WordPress site, or it’d take some actual effort to change.


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