Acid Drip

You cough, hacking, wet chunks and heaves that make your stomach ache like a pulled muscle. Acid spatters out and burns your throat, the taste of maggots and entrails on your tongue. Roiling on your back your teeth begin to crumble as you frantically pull at them with your fingers, slick with vomit and sharp grains of enamel. Your chest cracks as you heave again, the bones in your chest under tortured pressure, splinters snapping off like twisted green branches. You grab at your tongue, the monstrous writhing animal in your mouth that lashes from side to side, too slick to hold in your bloodied hands. Another cough, bile blockaded in your chest as your tongue twists and stretches. Your eyes, already streaming, begin to weep in earnest, huge blobs of wet making puddles of clear in the gore-ridden kaleidoscope of the floor. A tendril worms out from under your left eye and through the blur of vision you see it twist in the light. Your grip is weak, the tongue too slime-covered to hold at all as it begins to writhe across the detritus of the carpet. A last spasm kicks you in the cunt, jamming the already overloaded oesophagus to bursting as the pressure splits your throat, jawbone folding in half. Your eyes are loose now, forced out by the vines that spread behind them, sprouting and crossing across the bacteria-swarm of vision. A far-off snap jerks you sideways as your ribs spreadeagle, lungs shredded and engulfed as you feel your right eardrum burst. A nerve stutter-starts as your fingers begin to bend backwards. The other eardrum pops as your optic nerve dissolves, a flash shot of heavy canopy, your septum spl-


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