Whoever came up with the idea for this was deranged. Erin’s brain felt like it was being squeezed through a colander. In a wormhole. On fire. The structure made no sense, it was too complex, too convoluted, too counter-intuitive, too…everything! Five schools, operating independently, each with their own rules, hierarchy and tiers? Except they were all secret from one another? But operated in the same buildings, and sometimes the same rooms? And they regularly competed? And those competitions were a mark of real status not just in your own school, but in unknown ways in others as well? But you could belong to more than one school? Which meant you might end up competing against your first schools, possibly gaining respect in new school but losing it in the other one? Aaaaahhhgg.


That was it, he was going home. The six day trek and the three weeks in a boat hold were a dream compared to this, he was turning around and doing it again with a smile. Scholarships were supposed to be a good thing, not a quick route to juvenile insanity. His mum could just hand back the Galleon payment, they could lose the shop and live on the street. At least it would make sense.

“Well, I suppose that could’ve gone worse” Erin muttered to himself as he began to shuffle towards where he remembered the front desk being.

“Could it?”

“Gah!” Erin span around to find the pretty girl standing uncomfortably close behind him. A mischievous grin flickered across her face, before resuming an expression of sternness. Erin slumped against the closest wall. “Well, I could’ve made a complete fool of myself in front of a potential schoolmate, in public, on my first here and then that same person could hear me talking to myself afterwards like a complete whaler.”

“Thank the Soils such a thing didn’t happen then!” the girl spoke, the sternness and grin were flickering across her face like heatwave.

“Yes.” Erin didn’t have it in him to contribute further. The day had beaten him.

That was Erin’s first day in Confusion.


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