I’m not sure where to start this article. I know the idea of what I want to say. I know the point. Everything else is currently noise. So I’ll start with what I know; me. I am writing this because, like a lot of others have been the victim of sexual assault. This isn’t an article just about sexual assault, but I’m pretty damn sure that’s where much of this starts. It is also the reason that the name I’m probably using is a pseudonym – I don’t legally think I can use my real name yet, not while court is yet to happen.

I, like many others, was abused. And I, like many others, have a rage that is screwed so deeply inside, crushed so tight you would never know it was there. Except when you do.

I would love to blame all of this on my comparatively tame abuse (yes I did say that). Maybe that is the cause. Maybe it’s not. Maybe everyone has this feeling.

All of this is satellite information, all of it just informing you about what I actually want to talk about. Namely, if it’s something you feel; what do you do with it? How do you take something so destructive, and use it?

But what? What is the right response? When there are so many issues that cause such pain. When there is such hate. Such disgust. Such deliberate maliciousness. When courts ban the use of the words “rape, sexual assault” or even “victim”. When depression is still considered shameful. When people assault the homeless for fun. When hundreds of thousands die over the year from things like diahorrea. When abortion law is still decided by a council that is 95% male. When there are a thousand unknown Daisy Colemans. A thousand unheard Trayvon Martins.

What do you do when you feel like the only real response is to be screaming, to be howling all day?

Maybe, like me, you have that rage.

Many people reading this will have been victims of sexual assault. Or of systemic bullying. Racism. Sexism. A hundred other things I haven’t thought of. The list goes on. Many people reading this will have been perpertrators of the same.

Pick a direction and you will find a mountain to climb.

Remember that you are not alone. You are not the only one taking a stand. You are not the only one taking action. There are hundreds of thousands of causes that need a voice. But there are millions of people who can do something about it. And just like you, maybe they will.


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