Short Things I Say: Intro

Recently, I discovered a website that really got under my skin, in a good way. Zen Pencils. As is often the case with the constant share-beast that is the internet, I’ve actually come across several of his works before, but (again, as is often the case) never really saw where those works were credited too.

In short, Zen Pencils takes quotes from famous or inspirational people (historical and current) and places them in a web-comic context. It’s really, really excellent. The reason it’s excellent is that every comic is designed to not simply present the quotation, but actually enhances it. I’m not going to gush, go and read a few, you’ll get what I mean.

Anyway, enough about his excellent work, this is about me. So, on this particular day this site got me on a particular swing and I thought fuck it, I can write inspirational shit for people, and I can write it well because I goddamn know what kind of bland samey bullshit sure as hell doesn’t help when you’re in the grips of life-bleeding misery.

Oh yeah, by the way, saliently, I have suicidal depression. Surprise! Cue the brain dump.


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