There are animals inside me. I have tigers in my stomach. I have ants in my veins. I am a twisting, twitching puppet propelled by a hundred thousand wildlings that rampage through my form in anarchy.

Sometimes the hippopotami are in charge and I am slow and cruel and angry.

The rabid dogs will oust the hippos and I will be torn and howling in agony then.

The dogs will die and the crows will collect and I will be watchful, and cautious, and will eat the dead.

I am a menagerie, an abandoned zoo. The animals are uncaged. They are untamed and free. Free to fuck and to fight and to kill each other with cruelty. Free to build homes, infest the weak, to live in shit and vomit or to hide in a cave, alone.

I would rather be a hippo, a maggot, a dying dog, than I would be caged.


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