Pretty, horrible.

So over Christmas while most people were ingesting unholy amounts of chocolate and and chipolatas, I was outside with co-conspirator Caroline Haines, in the freezing cold, rolling in mud until limbs went numb. The purpose of this was to get us some supremely grotty footage, which has now been tidied and trimmed into usable form. In other words, we made a music video.

New video for a 2013 music track, it feels like a good way to get some of Chaines’ music out there, into the seething mass of the internet. See the fruits of this labour and frostbite, with a brand new music video – music by Chaines, edited by Chaines, filmed by me, and Chaines.

We’re pretty proud of it. If you want to hear some interesting music, from an interesting artist, while watching an interesting video, we’ve got you covered.

(Also, probably don’t eat anything while watching it, just a heads up. Happy new 2016!)

In other news, Chaines is being played live, on Radio 3 today (08/01/16) at 7:30, alongside Johnny Greenwood, Leafcutter John, and other new-musicians. Exciting times!


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