Oh how it’s been so long.

We’re so sorry we’ve been gone. We were busy writing songs for, YOU!

Excellent opening lyrics aside, we really are sorry that WWR has been dormant for so long. Our internet has been entirely severed for over a month, and due to work commitments (and lack of a laptop) we haven’t even been able to mosey down the the local coffee shop and steal free wifi. No net means no net in Longsight.

BUT, through the power of over 10 hours on the phone to tech support, and by virtue of filing multiple complaints, we finally have LIMITED THREE G internet! That’s right. After a month, we’ve managed to get hold of the same technology that phones have had since 1998.

We’ve not been dormant however, and so I’ll be getting the little backlog of articles up and ready for you right abouuut…now.


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