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[Holy shit. Here’s an example of something I had totally forgotten about. From what I can re-remember, I was toying with the whole prophecies/tales in books. Specifically fantasy books (and to a less widespread extend, scifi). These kinds of things are either worldbuilding, in that they are there to give age and culture to the world being conjured (fairy tales and the like), or they are there as an omen to us the reader. A lot of standard chosen-one fantasy does this. There is a prophecy, which the characters know. At some point (it can be before, during, or after the adventure)  the characters realize that this prophecy is referring to them. Interestingly, I don’t think I’ve ever come across a chosen-one prophecy in a book where the character (specifically the chosen-one character) never becomes aware of this. I’m sure it’s been done, I’ve just never come across it. Anyway. This was me toying with that kind of fairy-tale feel, and also mucking about with dialect. Because I live in England, which is adjacent to Ireland, Scotland and Wales – three of the coolest accents that I know of. Although I have a thing for pretty much all accents.

Thematically, from what I can remember/decode, this bit of fairy-song/country folk-song. I am entirely certain that at time of writing, I had either just finished, or was re-reading Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, a novel which makes excellent use of the worldbuilding I mean.

Plus, saying anything in a weird tone of voice/accent/dialect/whatever instantly makes it sound a lot cooler than it otherwise would.]


Comm fayre aur wyld awae wy us

ty graeclend kypt aur kype

Comm yung aur auld breng chyl wyt yeu

ty hartlend undyr hill

Comm lost aur last aur bludyd hart

bryn weu end peyn en beuryd dead

ty dance en fyne draped bravery

en dine aur dustd fayre

Dren deep aur love en wollen cayr

eat alln aur ceurful ton

Leav nau but sylen kypt aur kype

en skyp tau wae aun huem.


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