About writewrongreviews: When in doubt, the internet needs more blogs. What kind of blogs? Review blogs! Here I will blog about blogging and blogs until you blog with my blog. More probably, writewrongreviews is a blog review site, reviewing computer games and pretty much anything else that catches my fancy. See The Plan.  In more recent times this has been expanded into simply talking or brain-vomiting into the internet. Because we need more of that.

About Me: A mystery of the night, Laurence Kirkby is the unsung superhero of the modern day. Aimlessly doodling by day and reviewing games by night, Laurence is the driving force behind the legend of writewrongreviews. Some say the shadowy Mr. Kirkby is a menace, others, a light in the dark. With  razor sharp rhetoric and wielding the twin weapons of judgement and opinion, this overweight ninja of the reviewing world strikes without warning and vanishes, leaving only a post fluttering in his wake. Laurence Kirkby provides the masses with hope, heart and a hipful of sass, like Beyonce with a keyboard. You know. Probably.

About Caroline: Day to the night, Caroline Haines is the sun in the sky, the first day of summer, and not a huge fan of overdramatic compliments. Infinitely more cheerful and considerably more grounded that Laurence, Caroline provides a view that is both well considered, and well communicated. She believes in truth, justice and actually thinking about what you say. She also believes in cats. It’s possible that cats also believe in her.


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