Here is where all things non-review go. Bringing the full meaning of ‘web-log’ into the blog, this is the creative braindump of the site. Warning signs are in place.


Articles: Things I say, usually with a point, from my brain to yours.

Houses On Stilts (22/11/15)

Episodic Games Should Shape Up, Or Shove It (Video Gamey)

How Board Games Let Me Smile Again

How Video Games Let Me Learn About Myself

Have I ever committed Sexual Assault?


Okay To Be Wrong (In Progress)


This Is Not A Test, Part One; Losing My Religion (In Progress)

This Is Not A Test, Part X; Building My Own Beliefs (In Progress)

This Is Not A Test, Part X2; Adolescence (In Progress)

Fiction: Short snippets, or the seeds of longer-format writing.

City At Night

Acid Drip






Erin (Long format)

Hunger (Long format)

Gathering Moss (Long format)


Short Things I Say: Like quotations, but weirder.


Fuck Up


Who You Are


Do What You Want

You Are Going To Fail

Miscellaneous: Where odd things go to die. This is where…everything else goes. Things with less of a point. Things that I have thought about less, or have spat out onto a screen.




Why I Write

Look What You’ve Gone And Done

Tom Francis Is In My Brain

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